New Leaf Counseling Center: a non-profit agency that employs a collaborative group of counselors devoted to the reconciliation of relationships and the healing process of individuals in the Plaza Area of Kansas City, Missouri.

Probasco and Associates: a private counseling practice in Liberty, Missouri.

National Websites:

  • The Veterans Affairs website on Trauma and PTSD– Learn about types of trauma, treatments, ways of coping, and women-specific issues, among other things
  • National Institute of Mental Health Information on Depression– Learn about causes, symptoms, and treatments
  • Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance- Learn about support groups, wellness, education, and supporting those who have a depression or bipolar diagnosis
  • Check out the Anxiety and Depression Association of America to understand more about types of anxiety, related illnesses, management, and treatments specific to anxiety

Missouri Websites:

  • MOCSA: Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault

Prevention, Awareness, and Advocacy Websites: 

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