Why don't parents come with an instruction manual?

Fifth-grader Jeff Pennant doesn't understand why he's always grounded. So he looks to science for answers.

He begins a study of what makes his parents happy so he can earn his freedom and live his best life.

He'd better figure it out fast, because GamerCon is coming soon, and he can't go if he's grounded. And if he doesn't go, he'll lose his best friends

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What people are saying about Jeff Pennant:

Immersive and irreverent childhood angst with serious undertones-- a book that demands to be read in one sitting."

...an original and especially recommended addition to elementary school, middle school, and community library Pre-Teen Fiction collections for young readers ages 8-13." 

This easy-to-read book will have you engaged from the first few pages. Jeff is an endearing, real, and well-rounded character, from his sometimes-irreverent attitude to his quirky ideas... This book would be perfect for a classroom, for parents to buy for their kids, or for kids to buy for their parents. An original gem for any tween-ager."

Kids who like humorous fiction such as “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” or “Dork Diaries” will enjoy Jeff’s exuberance and “go for it” attitude. The book includes several excerpts from Jeff’s guidebook illustrated with pencil drawings. As an adult reader, I appreciated the way Jeff’s character developed through the story; he made some positive changes, even while continuing to make mistakes. Readers get a glimpse of a loving family working through some problems and coming out stronger on the other side. As our first-person narrator, Jeff is lively, funny, and smart—he’s a great story-teller, too!"